Nominations for leadership positions


Nominate candidates for PASPCR leadership

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The President Elect, Jonathan Zippin, reminds us that the time has come again for  PASPCR elections. As part of this process, we are calling for nominations from the general membership and from those of you who are interested in pigment cell research. Self nomination is possible or you can nominate someone who you think would be a great fit for PASPCR service. 


The two positions open for election are: Council Member and Treasurer.


Council members attend quarterly zoom meetings of the council to give their input on Society matters and have voting rights to shape decision making. They also have the opportunity to get more involved in society activities.


The Treasurer is responsible for the administration and management of the financial assets and liabilities of the society.


Learn more about these PASPCR positions on our Leadership page.


Please email Jonathan Zippin with any nominations as soon as possible!

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