Leadership team

PASPCR Officers

Elected Positions

Suzie Chen, Ph.D.President
Jonathan Zippin, M.D., Ph.D.President-elect
Mayumi Fujita, MD, PhDSecretary/Treasurer
John D’Orazio, MD, Ph.D. Past President

PASPCR Council Members

Elected Positions

Arup Indra, Ph.D.2021-2023
Richard White, Ph.D.2021-2023
Christin Burd, Ph.D.2022-2024
Pamela Cassidy, Ph.D.2022-2024
Robert Judson-Torres, Ph.D.2022-2024
Bonnie Carney, Ph.D.2022-2023
Andrew Aplin, Ph.D.2023-2025
Carla Daniela Robles Espinoza, Ph.D.2023-2025
Todd Ridky, M.D., Ph.D.2023-2025
Robert Cornell, Ph.D. 2023-2025

PASPCR Committee Members

Bylaws Committee

The By-Laws committee provides guidance regarding PASPCR bylaws, the set of rules that govern how PASPCR is to be run. The committee also will consider amendments and modifications to the society bylaws as the need arises.

Ivana de la SernaChair; Member at Large
Stanca BirleaMember at Large
Jonathan ZippinCouncil Member
Tom HornyakMember at Large
Frank MeyskensMember at Large

Communications Committee

The Communications committee is responsible for oversight of PASPCR website design and content along with society social media output.

Catherine Van RaamsdonkChair; Member at Large; Webmaster
Stanca BirleaMember at Large
Prashiela MangaMember at Large
Rachel BeloteMember at Large
Sandeep JoshiMember at Large
Bonnie CarneyCouncil Member

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity committee is responsible for identifying possible structural racism that may be embedded within the society and for developing ways to elevate opportunities within the society for Black people, people of color and other under-represented minorities.

Ivana de la SernaChair; Member at Large
Cynthia CooperMember at Large
Daniela Robles-EspinozaCouncil Member
Rachel BeloteMember at Large
Christin BurdCouncil Member

Meetings Committee

The Meetings committee provides input to the local organizers of PASPCR annual meetings regarding meeting operations and strategy. Typically, this committee will be populated by members who have had experience with meeting planning and organization.

Deborah LangChair; Member at Large
John D’OrazioImmediate Past-President
Suzie ChenPresident
Craig CeolMember at Large
Pam CassidyCouncil Member
Tom HornyakMember at Large
Arup IndraCouncil Member; DEI link
Rob Judson-TorresCouncil Member; Mentorship link
Keiran SmalleyMember at Large

Membership and Society Expansion Committee

The Membership and Society Expansion committee  identifies strategies and actively participates in efforts to broaden the impact of PASPCR, grow the society and recruit new members.

Rob Judson-TorresChair; Council Member
Jonathan ZippinPresident-Elect
Stacie LoftusMember at Large
Arup IndraCouncil Member
Pam CassidyCouncil Member
Andrew WhiteMember at Large

Mentorship and Training Committee

The Mentorship and Training committee is responsible for overseeing the PASPCR’s mentorship program and other societal educational and training opportunities. 

Jason BelitskyChair; Member at Large
Deborah LangMember at Large
Cynthia CooperMember at Large
Zalfa Abdel-MalekMember at Large
Richard WhiteCouncil Member
Rob Judson-TorresCouncil Member
Todd RidkyCouncil Member
Bonnie CarneyCouncil Member
Yiqun ShellmanMember at Large

Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee

The Nominations, Elections and Awards committee is led by the PASPCR President-Elect, and is responsible for suggesting nominees for election to the Council and offices of PASPCR. They will attempt to ensure the widest possible representation from the three Americas as well as from fields contributing to the Broad area of pigment cell biology. The committee will also suggest nominees for Society awards and recognition.

Jonathan Zippinde facto Chair (President-Elect)
Ivana de la SernaMember at large
Andrew WhiteMember at large
Bill PavanMember at large
Rob CornellCouncil Member
Christin BurdCouncil Member
Andrew AplinCouncil Member